How to apply

The admission to the MSc programme is divided in two stages: application and enrolment.

During the first stage, a verification that the applicant fulfils the needed requirements is carried out. Depending on the previous degree (Italian or foreign) and the corresponding final grade, the applicant may be automatically admitted (and proceed to the enrolment) or need to go through a pre-evaluation.

The application stage is permanently open throughout the year and you can submit it at any time. All the details can be found here.

Please Note that all the pre-evaluation applications sent from October 2019 onwards will be considered for the academic year 2020/2021

Should a pre-evaluation be necessary, the application will be assessed by the Selection Committee and the applicant will be notified by email of the assessment result within 15 to 45 days of the submission date. If the assessment result is favourable and the applicant is admitted to the programme, one can proceed to the enrolment (details here).

Important notice for applicants holding a foreign degree

Applicants holding a degree from non-EU country (excluding Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein and San Marino) need to submit, in addition to the regular application described above, a request for pre-enrolment application at an Italian diplomatic authority in their country. The deadline to submit this request is July 24th.


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