Hydrological Risk

Institution: IUSS

Major: HYRIS

Term: 1st Semester

Instructor: Mario Martina (mario.martina@iusspavia.it)

CFU: 6


Duration: available here

Schedule: available here

Office hours: Tuesday/Thursday 10-13 AM



The objective of the course is to introduce students to the main hydrological hazards (fluvial flood, flash flood, excess of rainfall and drought) and the consequent risks. The course aims at providingto the students an overview of the main approaches to assess the hydrological risk and of the main modelling techniques to quantify it.



  1. Introduction to hydrology and flood risk, 2. The main processes of the hydrological cycle, 3. Modelling approaches to compute the discharge in a river, 4. Definition of flood, 5. Statistical methods to describe the extreme events, 6. The Intense-Duration-Frequency curve, 7. The Flood Frequency Curve, 8. Anatomy of a Flood Risk Model, 9. Models for hazard estimation, 10. 1D and 2D hydraulic models, 11. Simplified geomorphological models, 12. The role of the hydraulic defenses, 13. Models for the vulnerability estimation, 14. Models for the exposure, 15. Generation of flood events, 16. Flood risk analysis, 17 Definition of drought, 18. Main modelling approach to assess the drought risk.

During the course there will be presentations on specific applications: the estimation of the defence failure effects, the downscaling of the exposure model, the computation of building damages due to flood, models for drought estimation over large areas, simple tools for the estimation of the extreme events distribution.


Basic knowledge of Hydrology and Probability and Statistics.



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Assignments will be handedover and graded during the course.The final examination will consist of a presentation of a study case.Students will be admitted to the final exam based on a satisfactory performance in the assignment.