Dynamics of Structures

Institution: –

Term: 1st Semester – Academic Year 2018-2019

Instructor: Haluk Sucuoğlu [+ tutor, Numan Eren]

CFU: 6


Duration: 26-09-2018 – 22-10-2018 (36 hrs lectures + 15 hrs tutoring)


Office hours: by appointment


Structural dynamics is a basic course in defining and understanding dynamic problems related to civil engineering. The course is intended to provide necessary knowledge to establish the equations of motion and for the determination of structural response from dynamic loads and experience in the modeling and calculation of dynamic response for simple structural systems.


Theoretical lectures will be complemented by tutorials(aiming at the practical implementation of the methods considered during the lectures) and the topics that will be discussed in the course are reported here.


Definition of SDOF system characteristics. External force and earthquake excitations. Classical solution of second order linear ODE’s. Undamped and damped free vibration, energy in free vibration. Undamped and damped systems, resonance, energy dissipated in viscous damping, equivalent viscous damping. Response to unit impulse, arbitrary force and step force, response spectrum. Newmark’s method, stability and accuracy. Rigid body assemblages, distributed parameter systems, Rayleigh method. Simple MDOF systems, dynamic forces, reduction of DOF’s, static condensation. Natural vibration modes and frequencies, orthogonality and normalization of modes, modal expansion, free vibration response of MDOF systems, eigenvalue problem, vector iteration methods. Construction of damping matrix, Rayleigh damping. Modal response analysis of undamped and damped systems, element forces, modal contribution factors