Reinforced Concrete Structures

Institution: –

Term: 1st Semester – Academic Year 2018-2019

Instructor: Boyan Mihaylov

Duration: 29-10-2018 – 23-11-2018


Brief Contents Description and Course Syllabus: The main objective of the course is to develop knowledge and skills necessary for the design of a variety of important reinforced and prestressed concrete members and structures as listed in the course content. The focus is placed on using fundamental principles (flow of forces, compatibility of deformations, stress-strain relationships, equilibrium) to solve different design problems from 1D (beams and girders) to 3D members and structures (single foundations, pile caps and wall systems). In this manner, the course develops a fundamental understanding of structural design which the students can apply to any other type of concrete structures not covered in the syllabus.

To maximize the learning outcome, the course will use a variety of different learning methods. The classes will include a combination of slide presentations, blackboard lectures, solved demonstration problems, individual and group work of the students for solving challenging problems, video materials, reading and critically analyzing materials in the classroom. The students will participate actively by using first principles to solve analysis and design problems which are aimed at providing an important insight into the behaviour of concrete structures. They will be guided towards the final solution by solving intermediate problems with increasing complexity.

The evaluation will be based on homework assignments and a written final exam. The exam will consist of two parts: exercises (open book) and theory (closed book).

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