Seismic Design of Steel Structures

Institution: –

Term: 1st Semester – Academic Year 2018-2019

Instructor: Gaetano Della Corte [+ tutor, TBD]

CFU: 6


Duration: 29-10-2018 – 23-11-2018 (36 hrs lectures + 15 hrs tutoring)


Office hours: by appointment

Brief Contents Description and Course Syllabus:
The course provides information on seismic design of steel structures for buildings. First, the types of steel structures for seismic resisting systems are introduced, along with a description of relevant engineering properties of the steel material. Subsequently, specific information is provided on the seismic design and analysis of two structural types: (i) concentrically braced frames (CBFs) and moment resisting frames (MRFs). Eventually, fundamental issues for the seismic response of alternative structural systems (e.g., eccentrically braced frames, buckling-restrained braced frames) are introduced and discussed.

Material for studying
The lecturer will provide copy of the slides and calculation tutorials presented during the course. In addition, interested readers might consult the following book:
Michel Bruneau, Chia-Ming Uang, Rafael Sabelli, Ductile design of Steel Structures, Mac Graw Hill, 2011 (2nd Edition)

1) A structural analysis program of student’s choice (e.g. SAP 2000, SeismoStruct)
2) MathCAD or Excel

Homeworks: 50 %
Final exam: 50 %