Stefano Sibilla

Academic Position:Full Professor in Hydraulics

Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering

University of Pavia


Office: Hydraulic Division (second floor)

Address: Via Adolfo Ferrata, 3 27100 Pavia – ITALY



Voice:  +39 0382 985320

Fax:     +39 0382 985589

Skype: stefano.s.sibilla



Research area:Lagrangian and Eulerian numerical methods in environmental fluid mechanics.Development of algorithms and methods for Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH).  Application of SPH to unsteady open-channel flows and sediment transport. Analysis of log transport in flood flows by coupled Discrete Element (DE) and Finite Volumes method. Application of Finite Volume methods to complex convection-diffusion problems in water bodies.



Courses:          Hydraulics

Hydraulic infrastructures

Computational Fluid Dynamics