Massimiliano Barbolini

Academic Position: Adjunct Professor

Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering

University of Pavia


Office: Hydraulic Division (second floor)

Address: Via Adolfo Ferrata, 3 27100 Pavia – ITALY




Fax:     +39 0382 985589



Research area: His research area is mainly focused on snow avalanche modeling and havalanche hazard mapping.


Courses:          Snow Avalanches And Related Mountain Natural Hazards


Massimiliano Barbolini is an engineer with twenty years of experience in research, teaching and consulting activity in the field of natural hazard of gravity-driven fast-moving type (snow avalanches, debris flows, rock falls, rapid landslides, torrential floods, etc.).

In this field, his interests have covered a variety of subjects: numerical modelling, hazard and risk mapping, vulnerability studies, risk mitigation, either structural or non-structural. Over time, he has been involved in experimental activities too, both in the laboratory and in the field, as well as in the technological transfer of research outcomes.

After a PhD at the Civil Engineering School of the University of Pavia, he got a four-year Post-Doc grant by the same University to carry on his research activities and collaboration projects in the field of geo-hazard (gravitational fast-moving flows).

Since 2004 he shares his time between teaching (with a position at University of Pavia as Adjunct Professor of the Master Degree course for Civil and Environmental Engineer “Snow avalanches and Related Mountain Natural Hazard”), consulting work (he is co-founder and CTO of the Company Flow-Ing s.r.l., engaged in engineering studies and projects for natural hazard mitigation) and applied research.

He has participated to numerous projects funded by the European Community in the field of natural hazards collaborating with the most important research institutes operating at European level in this field.

The outcomes of his researches have been published in international journals and conference proceedings. He has co-authored technical guidelines at national and European level and has been a member of Editorial board of international journals and conferences. At professional level, he has been assigned as chief engineer and/or building manager of several important national projects for natural risk mitigation.